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Wanted: Flux and React Senior Js Developer

Written by: Dan C, on 2016-03-18

Job Description

The scope of work is for 6 months in London (client site) to improve 10 journeys families for a bi financial company.

All people have to be able to work on their own in isolation as part of a client team within the Lab. There are no parachutes / shields.

Every individual will work as part of a multi vendor, contractor, client team and will have to deliver their work as part of multi-disciplinary team spanning from Risk, ops, branch people to Strategist, UX, Design and Tech.

The work is agile and will follow a scrum methodology. Test and learn, fail fast is the mantra.

What will s/he be doing?

This project will be built using React and Redux. The ideal candidate will have experience with this framework. We understand that this is a new technology so experience will be hard to find. We will be willing to hire based on the ability to learn with the right positive attitude.

What are we looking for in terms of past experience?

• 5+ years of (front end) HTML web development experience

• Writing testable JS


  • JS as stand alone modules
  • Constructors with methods on the prototype chain
  • Prototypical inheritance
  • Use of controllers to enable modules to communicate

• JS Promises

• Browserify / commonJS

• Grunt / Gulp

• Sass / Less

• Agile / Scrum

• Version control (Git)

• Delivered a project using at least one MV* framework.

  •  Angular
  •  Ember
  •  Backbone
  •  Knockout
  •  Ampersand
  •  Polymer
  •  Marionette
  •  Meteor
  •  Etc

Must Have

• React

• React / Flux / ReFlux / Redux

Nice to have


• ES6

• D3

• Node.js

• Vanilla JS

Proactive in attitude and a good communicator, and flexible in approach

Additional notes:

  • Flux + React + HTML5 + JS expert. Super proficient developers.
  • They have attention to details, know and apply coding best practices, work fast as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Everyone will be hands on
  • Very good Communication skills and English are a must have.
  • May require trips to client sites across the UK