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Alina GeorgiuPartner & CEO

I am currently the CEO of Neobyte Solutions, after a career of 10+ years in Project Management. I love my team and the projects we work on; in every project you’ll find a piece of my heart:) In my spare time I enjoy teaching Pilates and Interval Training classes to clear my mind for the otherwise busy IT business

Adrian GhearăFounding Partner

I’m a founding partner of the company, acting as a consultant. I’m involved in many online projects and have a vast technical experience. In my spare time I like reading sci-fi books or playing video games. Yes, in diamond league.

Dan VlădescuCTO & Team Lead

Understanding is the first step into problem solving. Then thinking. Twice. In the end, solutions will come up. I like to find solutions to Web problems using various tools like php, html, javascript.

Sandor KovacsTeam Lead - Web Developer

I am a software architect and developer having solid knowledge in performance, security and usability for web applications. I am using Laravel / Symfony frameworks being expert in PHP, MySQL and Rest API. My main skills are problem solving / solution focused and team leadership.

Eugen BlagaWeb Developer

I simply refuse to provide a description! Even the avatar was randomly generated!

Imi MeheszWeb Developer

I’m a web developer and I’m working most of the time in WordPress, but I also like Joomla and PrestaShop. I’m always interested in learning new things, especially perfecting my CSS3 & HTML5 skills. In my spare time I like to go fishing and spending quality time with my friends.

Dan ChiruProject Manager

I’m acting as project manager but I also enjoy social media and public relations, experimenting SEO stuff and trolling people. I love to take long breaks, play with my kid, walk my dog and smell the flowers.

Szabó Csaba-SándorWeb Developer

I started web development as a passion and later it became an important part of my life, as I discovered my creativity in this field. For backend, I use PHP, MySQL and Laravel framework, and for frontend, I use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript andVueJS framework. I try to unite these technologies in order to create something useful, that people can use. I’m always open for new technologies to improve my knowledge. When I have free time, I volunteer to help people, exercising Rubic cubes and the most important thing to me – pass my knowledge to as many people as possible.

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