About Neobyte Solutions

Neobyte Solutions is a dynamic software company of skilled professionals trying to reach the highest performance for all the projects they are working on. Founded in 2001, we accumulated great experience in web design and development, creating websites and online applications for various customers from US, Canada and Western Europe. Now, in our development team, there are highly qualified engineers and designers managed very well by devoted people.
Alina Gheara-Georgiu
Partner & CEO
"I am currently the CEO of Neobyte Solutions, after a career of 10+ years in Project Management. I love my team and the projects we work on; in every project you'll find a piece of my heart:) In my spare time I enjoy teaching Pilates and Interval Training classes to clear my mind for the otherwise busy IT business."
Adrian Gheara
Founding Partner
"I'm a founding partner of the company, acting as a consultant. I’m involved in many online projects and have a vast technical experience. In my spare time I like reading sci-fi books or playing video games. Yes, in diamond league."
Dan Vladescu
CTO & Team Lead
"Understanding is the first step into problem solving. Then thinking. Twice. In the end, solutions will come up. I like to find solutions to Web problems using various tools like php, html, javascript."
Norbert Costean
Web & Graphic Designer
"I am a web and graphic designer with 10 years experience in this field, passionate about interior design and everything that involves novelty and creativity. I am also working as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Oradea. My hobbies are photography, biking and fishing."
Dan Chiru
Project & Community Manager
I'm acting as junior project manager and also community manager for a couple of websites. I enjoy "working" in social media and public relations, experimenting SEO stuff, blogging and trolling. In my spare time, I love to take long breaks, play with my kid, walk my dog and smell the flowers.
Imi Mehesz
Web Developer
I'm a web developer and I'm working most of the time in WordPress, but I also like Joomla and PrestaShop. I'm always interested in learning new things, especially perfecting my CSS3 & HTML5 skills. In my spare time I like to go fishing and spending quality time with my friends.
sandor kovacs
Sandor Kovacs
Team Lead - Web Developer
I am an Ubuntu addicted backend oriented software engineer having strong knowledge of PHP / MySQL. Usually I use Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel but I am open for new technologies. I am delighted to take part in coding events and to participate at different web framework camps.
Gabriel Andor
Web Developer
I am Back-End Developer, working and continuously learning PHP, Laravel Framework, Javascript/Jquery and HTML5. In my spare time I enjoy biking and spending time with friends.
Remus Munteanu
Web Developer
I am a full stack web developer with a desire of learning new technologies in order to improve my knowledge and effectiveness. When I'm out of duty I usually spend my free time hanging out with my friends, watching movies or playing video games.
Elena Alexie
Web Developer
I am Ela, the Ubuntu girl. I started web development as a passion as well as a new career direction. As an autodidact person, I have decided to learn web development first as a frontend developer, discovering HTML/CSS, making my way to the PHP/MySQL and JavaScript technologies. Ubuntu has become my choice of OS for development as soon as I have opened the terminal. In my spare time I like to relax reading a book, playing a game or watching Disney Junior cartoons with my kid.
Raluca Sferle
Web Developer
By programming I have learned not to give up, to find solutions to obstacles, to learn to structure my ideas for having a clear image of the context. I started with PHP and I learned frameworks like Symfony and Laravel. Now I learn the basics of development on UX & UI developement, which are leading me to improve my skills in visual design. And I also work in Vuejs. In so many ways, I understand that it does not matter the language, but the way of thinking in programming. The sooner you accept the challenges, the better you will succeed in the career.
Szabó Csaba-Sándor
Junior Web Developer
I started web development as a passion and later it became an important part of my life, as I discovered my creativity in this field. For backend, I use PHP, MySQL and Laravel framework, and for frontend, I use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript andVueJS framework. I try to unite these technologies in order to create something useful, that people can use. I'm always open for new technologies to improve my knowledge. When I have free time, I volunteer to help people, exercising Rubic cubes and the most important thing to me - pass my knowledge as many people as possible.
Corina Hebristean
QA Tester
I'm that person you hate at a party: sitting silently in a corner, sipping from my drink and analyzing every little thing. Besides this, I enjoy a good walk outdoors and art.
Andrei Birta
Junior Web Developer
I'm a web developer and working with technologies like Laravel, Javascript and jQuery but also I'm open to learn new technologies like Vuejs and others so that I can become a true full stack developer. In my free time I practice martial arts like taekwondo, go to the gym or learn programming.