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About Us

Neobyte Solutions is a dynamic software company of skilled professionals trying to reach the highest performance for all the projects we are working on. Since 2001, we accumulated great experience in web design and development, creating websites and online applications for various customers from US, Australia, Canada and Western Europe.

We see that your project is a success by getting it through all development phases: project analysis and specifications, creative concept and design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. By keeping an eye on your business goals and the other on the user’s experience, we make sure that the final product will be a perfect blend between them, delivering professional, modern and highly usable websites. Each project is treated individually, resulting in a unique character and reflection of your visitors’ needs.
Our team’s dedication ensures the client that we not only execute tasks, but we also offer our customers consultancy in order to guarantee the best results. On top of that, most of us wear glasses and that too contributes to the succes of every single project.

Team Neobyte Solutions

Alina GeorgiuPartner & CEO

I am CEO & partner in Neobyte Solutions. With a career of 20 years in IT I can proudly say that I combine IT with Life & Leadership coaching so that our business and own projects can thrive.

Adrian GhearăFounding Partner

I’m a founding partner of the company, acting as a consultant. I’m involved in many online projects and have a vast technical experience.

Dan VlădescuCTO & Team Lead

Understanding is the first step into problem solving. Then thinking. Twice. In the end, solutions will come up. I like to find solutions to Web problems using various tools.

Sandor KovacsTeam Lead - Web Developer

I am a software architect and developer having solid knowledge in performance, security and usability for web applications. I am using Laravel / Symfony frameworks being expert in PHP, MySQL and Rest API. My main skills are problem solving / solution focused and team leadership.

IMI MÉHÉSZWeb Developer

I’m currently a Laravel web developer with knowledge in Symfony and a long history in WordPress. I pay a lot of attention to details and that’s why I enjoy using CSS frameworks.
In my spare time I love to play with my son or go fishing.

Norbert CoșteanWeb & Graphic Designer

I am a web and graphic designer with 15 years experience in this field, passionate about interior design and everything that involves novelty and creativity. My hobbies are photography, biking and fishing.

Elena ComanWeb Developer

I am Ela, the Ubuntu girl. I started web development as a passion as well as a new career direction. As an autodidact person, I have decided to learn web development first as a frontend developer, discovering HTML/CSS, making my way to the PHP/MySQL and JavaScript technologies. Ubuntu has become my choice of OS for development as soon as I have opened the terminal. In my spare time I like to relax reading a book, playing a game or watching cartoons with my kid.

Ionuț DindeleganSoftware Tester

I am the software tester in charge of making your experience bug free.
I always try to break the limits of any software, ensuring that in the end the user will have a reliable product in their hands.
With automation testing I make sure that the quality is preserved with every new feature that is added in the software.

Smaranda CiobanData Analyst

I am Smaranda and I try to make sense of data. For me, data is knowledge and wherever we go, we are surrounded by it. It is intriguing and challenging and all the time rewarding. My hobbies include reading, dancing, travelling, drawing charts and other types of colourful visualizations. Attending and presenting webinars and conferences allows me to keep updated with the latest trends on the field.

Loredana PavelJunior Web Developer

I’m just a junior in life too, but I already love what I’m doing. I started by learning Laravel and JavaScript and now I also experiment with other languages and frameworks .
As a plan for my future I would love to learn something new every month, week or day if possible.
In my spare time I like playing various boardgames, going camping or playing with my cat.
Also one of my oldest hobbies is painting on canvas, on paper or people that want a bit of color in their life.

Giulia BorotaJunior Data Analyst

Curious, hard-working and passionate about HR field. I just love (working with) people, and I also have a keen interest in topics related to Data Science. I’m eager to learn more and I always sought different opportunities to accomplish my goals.

Andreea BocraAssistant Manager

Officially, I am overseeing day-to-day operations within the company, providing feedback to staff and management, managing payroll and personnel databases. Unofficially, I keep things running smoothly.

We do amazingBranding
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We create exquisiteCustom websites & platforms
Custom websites are built from the ground up without any use of a pre-designed layout.
We are involved inStartup development
We love building and designing digital products in a startup way.
We are proud ofOur own projects
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Szabó Csaba-SándorWeb Developer

I’m a web developer, and I really love to write code to create amazing things. I am open for new technologies to improve my knowledge and I try to use this knowledge to create better and better web applications. In my spare time I enjoy teaching Zumba, playing various boardgames, dancing. The most important thing to me to pass my knowledge to as many people as possible.

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