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Software Development Life Cycle


Analysis & Requirements

  • Evaluate the broad scope of the project and identity available resources.
  • Translate business questions into engineering problems.
  • Create a timetable with target goals.
  • Create the project’s team and leadership structure.


Design & Architecture

  • Design overall system architecture along with technology details, industry practices and visual design.
  • Collect and incorporate input.
  • The design should be performed in a detailed and organized manner so code generation can be done easily.



  • Tasks are divided into modules and assigned to the various developers.
  • The implementation of the design begins.
  • Developers start building the entire system by writing code.
  • They often need to confirm things with the product manager or the tester.


Testing & QA

  • Once the coding is complete and deployed in the testing environment, the testers start testing the functionality.
  • Testing team may find some bugs which they communicate to developers.
  • The dev team fixes the bugs and sends back for a re-test.
  • Much of the testing can be automated, for ex. – security testing.


Implementation & Deployment

  • In the deployment phase, the application is made available to end users.
  • Once the product is certified, and no bugs are stated, then it is deployed and checked for deployment issues.
  • In large projects, this could involve integration with different systems.
  • For some projects, deployment also includes the creation of documentation.


Support & Maintenance

  • The application is done and it’s being used.
  • Users might find bugs that were missed during testing.
  • Additional features are planned for future releases.


Just Us Bragging About Us

If you got this far, it means you went through our sample projects above to get a hint of what we can deliver. We also didn’t want to mess up the perfect symetry of the 6 elements in the Software Life Cycle by adding this final conclusion.

In other words, broad knowledge, impeccable projects and 20+ years of experience in software application development is our business card in a very complex and exigent market. Basically, working with us will get your project ready for the market: on-time, on-demand and on-budget.

As stated before, our software application development services cover full application life cycle:

  • Analysis & Requirements
  • Design & Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing & QA
  • Implementation & Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance

Those include project management, requirements management, build and release management, quality management (functional quality, performance and security) and configuration management. Whether you want to launch a new software application or modernize an existing application using the latest technology, we can offer various solutions. Just get in touch and let us work our magic.

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