The “Spiritism” behind Conscious Web Development

Web developer

…it is not only about coding, but it is also about being aware of the bigger picture and the needs of the project. Being aware of each step the project needs to make in order to move forward (or backward if the existing direction is not the one you want). To step forward to it’s end product and the satisfaction of everyone involved in the project.

We are not living the days of competitive development anymore. That’s gone, just like pixel perfect shifted it’s direction to responsive.

Being aware of the bigger picture and the needs of the projects allow us to live the Conscious development. Consciously coding parts of the project, being aware (as much as the project’s density allows) of the little particles that create the final product, is like using a powerful weapon that the developer will see in action at the end of the project (or during the testing phase).

As a full stack developer, I am aware that the web project (the APP) needs most of the time frontend (normal or guest user’s playground) and backend (super admin strong stuff) and that frontend and backend mostly mean routes with some logic behind and a final web page (view the source code in any web page within a browser).
As a frontend developer, I want to take care of the look and feel of the processed page, after my backend has finished the logic behind and is serving me the right data to display in my beautiful final web page.
As a backend developer, I want to color the walls of my room in red to have finally finished the brainstorming and putting it together, within a secure route, of everything that means business logic and functionality that is not easily visible to the normal user.

As a web page, I want to display your logic behind (be it frontend or backend wise) with as less effort from my side as possible. I leave most of the control in the hands of the developers, with some restrictions from my browser (obviously).

Being a developer, feels like I have to know, every day, more and more things, to gradually adjust my knowledge to the development of web technologies and everything that is connected to it.

I must know how to:
– be user friendly (in the web page),
– create clean pages (beautiful design, whatever that may mean for the client/owner),
– improve the user’s experience (click or tap as less as possible),
– build responsive (computer is just one of the many devices that we now have to test on when building responsive web sites/APPs),
– give to the user friendly and useful notifications and messages,
– eventually read the user’s mind (or project owner’s).

And there is so much more to say, growing as the technologies grow with the speed of the today to tomorrow.

Sky’s the limit (looks like).

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