Apple’s iOS 9.3 issues

iOS 9.3 has been in beta since January, and it adds a number of new features to the iPhone and the iPad. One of the biggest user-facing features is Night Shift, a feature that will change the colors of the light emitted by your iOS device, depending on the time of day.

While Apple’s iOS 9.3 update brought some great new features and password protection for Notes, it also appears like iOS 9.3 is turning out to be one of Apple’s more buggy software updates in recent history. This comes right after the news that older devices were bricking right after downloading the iOS update just a few days after it released. For the time being, Apple pulled the ability to update to iOS 9.3 on older devices.

Apple’s community support forums have seen a number of posts recently where users are reporting that clicking links will cause the phone to lock up, and not just in Safari. It’s not only Apple’s first-party apps that are affected, as one poster of the Support forum mentions they can’t open links in both Safari and Chrome.

Hopefully Apple will make an official comment on the issue soon, especially with their @AppleSupport account on Twitter being bombarded with complaints.

Later edit: Apple confirmed to TechCrunch that is working on a fix.

Other major iOS 9.3 features include:

  • More Quick Actions for 3D Touch
  • Features that make it easier for educators to deploy iOS devices in the classroom
  • Employee monitoring notification, so that if your phone is managed by your employer, you’re aware that your data/activity can be monitored
  • Passcode and finger-print protected notes in the Notes app
  • It’s now easier for people to find apps that work with Apple Health.
  • Apple News is now faster and more personalized with top-story support, along with suggestions and editor’s picks
  • Car Play gets updates for better Apple Music support
  • Improvements to Apple Maps

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