Search engine optimization also known as SEO, comprises the techniques a website utilizes in order to increase page ranking visibility also known as SERP.

Like websites, apps operate in a similar capacity through app store optimization – ASO. You should investigate what makes the visitor click the download button when seeing an app’s profile. Successful developers fill up the marketplace with images of the app, eye-catching icons, smart and precise app description, app user ratings and reviews, and also keywords that match an app’s intent and name. The name of an app is in itself an important aspect to optimize. Something catchy, memorable, and easy to spell will work a lot better than App4U.

Here’a a list of App name generators to boost your research.

But how do people find apps? Studies conducted by both Nielsen and Forrester reveal the following fact: search in the app store is the largest channel, with 61% of consumers finding apps through app store search.

percentage of app users who find apps via each channel 1

percentage of app users who find apps via each channel 2

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