Cloud application: What is it and why use it.

What is a Cloud App?

Cloud applications (cloud apps) are programs that function in the cloud. Their characteristics come from both desktop apps and Web apps. While the desktop app is installed directly onto the device at the user’s location, the Web app is stored entirely on a remote server and it doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed on the device.

Cloud apps can provide fast responsiveness and and the ability to work offline like the desktop apps. Compared to Web apps, cloud apps don’t need to reside on your local device, but they can be updated online very easy. Therefore, cloud apps are under the user’s control at all time, but they don’t consume the device’s resources.

Why use a Cloud App?

– Having a cloud app makes it easy to use by anyone with a Web-enabled device and an Internet connection. Also, users may cache data on their devices, making the app available even when offline. Unlike Web apps, cloud apps may be used on board planes or in any other sensitive situations when wireless devices are not allowed.

– Another advantage provide by cloud apps is that they require minimal IT knowledge and most of them are set up and updated by the cloud provider.

– In terms of security, when you manage your files and information, and keep them stored on local devices or a network, anyone can “break in” and steal that information. However, when your files and information are stored in a cloud, the cloud provider will make sure that servers are equipped with a proper firewall security and backup.

– In terms of performance, cloud applications work faster and more efficiently compared to desktop applications which you use on your local devices. Those may not work properly due to the lack of resources, viruses or other issues.

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