Growing Your Pinterest Presence

Visual content is not to be considered the future of content marketing…it’s here now.

Pinterest became one of the top social media channels for visual content. More and more studies (Link, Link) place Pinterest as the #2 social media traffic referrer after Facebook, driving more traffic than any other platforms combined.

That wan’t the case for Ahrefs but it worked fine for Neil Patel. Nice experiments, both of them.

Pinterest is no longer considered a platform dedicated for arts, crafts, clothes and recipes. It’s becoming very relevant to more niches than most people realize, including niches like real estate or online marketing.  Just like Google, Pinterest uses an algorithm, called Smart Feed, to display relevant pins to its users. Here’s how Smart Feed works.

Want to know how to grow your presence on Pinterest? Here are some tips.

Pin consistently
Pinning consistently allows you to grow your views and followers. Similar to blogging, it will also send you more long tail SEO traffic over time. It also keeps your followers engaged.

Follow similar Pinterest users
When you follow someone on Pinterest, they will get an email notification letting them know they have a new follower. Some will follow you back if they find you interesting.

Optimize your Pins and Boards for search
Users search for boards and pins using Pinterest’s search bar. Optimizing for Pinterest is way easier than Google because it involves keyword research and incorporating those keywords into your boards and pins.

Remain a valuable resource for your audience
Don’t only pin your pages/stuff. Instead take the time to follow pinners and pin images from other people for your audience.

Watch for seasonality & trends 
People are pinning different images based on trends and seasons. For example, when Halloween is near, party planners will start pinning Halloween related images.

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