How secure is your WordPress site?

Currently, about 17% of all websites are propelled by WordPress. Its popularity makes it an important target for attackers because a vulnerability can have a substantial impact on business activity. Malicious activities increased by approximately 140% in the past two years, and this percentage does not seem like he was going to drop anytime soon. Most common tricks used by hackers are backdoors, brute force attack, SQL injection, XSS, RFI, CRLF, Base64, malicious redirects and pharma hack, hackers also look for many other vulnerabilities of your site to get in.WordPress users can take several simple steps to improve site security. Let’s first see what makes a WordPress site vulnerable.

1) Older versions of WordPress
One of the biggest problems is the older versions of WordPress. WordPress updates are designed to remove various vulnerabilities, so it is recommended to be made ​​as soon as they become available.

2) Old themes and widgets
WordPress recently found out that about 80% of free third-party themes are encoded in base64, which means it can be used for malicious purposes. Themes and widgets offered by WordPress are the safest. After all, WordPress would not want to jeopardize the safety and integrity of the sites hosted on its blog hosting platform.

In short, a variety of simple factors make WordPress sites to be vulnerable. However, users can take extra steps to build a secure WordPress site, namely:

Find a web hosting provider with a good reputation
The hosting accounts vulnerabilities are one of the reasons why WordPress sites are compromised. Choose a web hosting provider with a good reputation and positive feedback. Better pay a bit more to qualify for safe hosting account instead opt first for the cheapest service on the market.

– Use strong passwords and change them regularly
About 8% of compromised WordPress sites have been broken due to weak passwords. In addition, passwords should be changed at regular intervals or when when an employee with access to the site admin leaves the company.

– Limit login attempts
It is recommended to limit login attempts to discourage brute-force attacks. Even if there is no way to combat such attacks, especially as hackers have access to thousands of IP addresses, this simple measure that can make a difference.

Also, you can always use security plugins in order to secure your WordPress website.

Better WP Security

BulletProof Security

Sucuri Scanner

Wordfence Security

All In One WP Security & Firewall

6Scan Security

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