Why do users use an web app? Effective questions to ask

Understanding what users think about an app can make that app great. Here’s a list of questions that you might want to try ask your app users. Remember, before turning to the user, data analytics can provide an answer to some questions: What are areas of your application are the most popular? What are the areas which cause users to move away? 

Very important piece of advice: Asking a user who has just installed an app to fill out a lengthy form contributes to a poor user experience and may cause the user to leave your app or even uninstall.

What brought you here today?

What are you trying to achieve?

How often do you use it?

What drives you crazy about the app? 

One thing we could improve?

How do you feel after using the app?

What other apps do you use for what this app does?

Where do you find our app better than the others?

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