Why Use WordPress To Build Your Website?

WordPress got its start as a blogging platform in May 2003 and gradually evolved into a robust, full-featured, popular CMS. WordPress is very simple, but due to its simplicity, it is open to endless possibilities. With just a few tweaks it can be used to run a website, with or without a blog. Here are some strong reasons why you should consider using WordPress when building a website.

WordPress is free

Best things in life are free. Unlike other “free” and “open source” solutions that proved to have hidden agendas, WordPress is completely free and always will be. WordPress won’t start charging when you get to a a certain size, or close off any of its code.

WordPress provides good SEO

WordPress provides a good search engine optimization right out of the box. There also are some extra tweaks you can make, but there are many SEO benefits that WordPress provides for free.

WordPress Plugins have better functionality 

A lot of platforms offer plugin functionality, but the plugin effort on WordPress is the best yet. Plugins allow you to easily create sliders, photo galleries, shopping carts, maps and many more. Using the searchable, one-click install directory of plugins, you can easily find what you are looking for.

WordPress is highly customizable

WordPress is popular because it meets the demand of many users with its flexible framework to allow designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. extending the WordPress functionality can be easily be extended and together with a collection of plugins can meet any unique demand.

WordPress custom themes 

Finding the right theme for a website is not a problem with WordPress, WordPress having a huge free themes collection. Designing a unique, custom WordPress theme may be the best option, though.

Updating WordPress content is easy

Updating content on your website without knowing HTML is easy with WordPress. You don’t have to  learn how to use a complex HTML editor nor you have to ask your webmaster every time you want to make a small change to your website.

WordPress Spam Protection

WordPress comes built in with very robust tools such as an integrated blacklist and open proxy checker to manage and eliminate comment spam on your blog.

WordPress Support

If you run into any trouble or want to add some custom features, it is easy to find support and developers who can help you.

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