WordPress authorship plugins are obsolete

Google has discontinued its support for authorship in search results as announced by John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google following the drop of author photos from search results In June 2014, in order to reduce clutter in the design.

The authorship schema is no longer used to identify a post’s author in search results: “We’re no longer using it for authorship, we treat it like any other markup on your pages. Leaving it is fine, it won’t cause problems (and perhaps your users appreciate being able to find out more about you through your profile too).

One of the plugins that managed Google Authorship was Jetpack. The plugin introduced an easy way for WordPress users to add the authorship markup to their posts. There are many other WordPress plugins that add Google authorship, maybe not as elegantly as Jetpack did. There were also some major SEO plugins that provided ways to add authorship to posts. The authorship-related functionality in these plugins is now obsolete and they will probably be updated soon.

If you were using a WordPress plugin for adding authorship to your website solely for SEO purposes, you are safe to disable it. Google was never actually interested in that data

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