BrightImpact is a project created for a specific customer that wanted to offer a solution suited for Universities in US that are very focused on Service Learning Projects. On this platform administrators, instructors and students are invited to track and share their accomplishments in their projects.

With this platform all parties involved will be able to improved their communication & productivity (through group discussion boards, task lists, calendar & events, real time communication, file management, email notifications) and track & measure impact, feedback & reflections.

We’ve chosen to work on a php platform as this project will have several versions with feature enhancements and eventually even a mobile version. PHP and MySQL were chosen for this project, for the logged users. The public part – the presentation website is in WordPress. This platform has a complex user rights structure, therefore flexibility in development and maintenance was/is our main concern.

For several areas of the platform we implemented some advanced functionality such as comprehensive graphs and a chat module used by the platform members to communicate.

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