Moobizz eCommerce Platform

Moobizz eShop is a cross-platform eCommerce solution dedicated to customers that don’t need just a templated shop like many others but a unique looking webshop with compatibility for all devices: desktops, smartphones and tablets.We have created this platform for a specific partner from EU who is going to use and sell this solution for end-clients.

For implementation we’ve chosen a robust and mature PHP framework: ZendFramework with MySQL for the database. JQueryUI, JQuery Mobile, CSS3 and HTML5 were used for the visual side.

The Front-end of the platform offers all the common eCommerce features (product listings, product details with zoom-in feature for images, file & video product details, user comments, quick-purchase versus registered purchase, wish-lists etc) and the backend offers the shop administrator all the tools needed to manage his shop without headaches: wizard-like product addition, easy-product attributes management, customer & order management, stock management, marketing tools, quick translations, a dashboard that offers key-figures for the shop manager.To check this solution visit: and signup for a demo.

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