eCommerce Platforms Key Features

The choice of eCommerce platforms nowadays can be overwhelming. The following list describes some key eCommerce platform features that should be taken into consideration when choosing to use a certain platform or build your own eCommerce platform.

Multiple language display
Unless your eShop targets a specific product or a small geographical area, it should be able to give customers the option of multiple language and also give the eShop owner the option of future expansion into different language markets.

Related products ideas
A professional eCommerce platform will maximize sales by showing visitors similar products which they may be interested in.

Wish List
People are using wish lists as a gift reminder as well as future acquisitions reminder.

Side by side product comparisons
Sites that help visitors make well reasoned shopping choices have a better chance of turning them into permanent customers. Products should be able to be compared side by side and feature by feature.

Visitor ratings and comments on products
Visitors give a lot of attention to the opinions and comments of previous buyers. This is one of the most influential factors for improving your conversion rates. Of course, you may want to approve comments and reviews before they appear in the product’s description.

Single page check-out system
Lengthy checkout procedures may turn visitors away from using your eShop. If a single page check-out is not possible in your case, make sure they understand the number of steps required to complete the sale.

Zoomable images of the products
Large, good quality images of product’s thumbnails encourage the visitor to buy the product.

Loyalty discounts
Customer loyalty discounts based on coupons, points or credits accumulated during shopping are a common aspect this days.

Intelligent search form
When visitors mistype a word, the search form should redirect commonly misspelled words and/or suggest similar search terms.

Stock control
A professional eCommerce platform should allow hiding products which are out of stock and displaying a low stock alert on certain products.

Different payment features
Payments should be as easy as possible – Amazon Payments, Paypal systems,, Google Checkout and the ability to add other banking processors.

Ship to Multiple Addresses
People who want to send gifts will definitely appreciate this feature.

Search engine friendly
Product URLs should be: instead of$…

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