Fun truths that only computer programmers know

Fact #0

“Counting starts from zero, not one.”

Fact #1

“Under the hood, most critical software you use every day (like Mac OS X, or Facebook) contains a terrifying number of hacks and shortcuts that happen to barely fit together into a working whole.

It would be like taking apart a brand-new 747 and discovering that the fuel line is held in place by a coat-hanger and the landing gear is attached with duct tape.” – Ben Cherry

Fact #2

“About 25% of the hours spent writing an application are spent figuring out ways the end user will do something wrong.” -Brian Humes

Fact #3

“A programmer is not a PC repair man.” – Ritesh Kumar Gupta

Fact #4

“Programming is thinking, not typing.” – Casey Patton

Fact #5

“Programming is best done “in the zone” – a (pleasant) state of mind where your focus on the task is absolute and everything seems easy. This is probably much like “the zone” for musicians and athletes.” – Morgan Johansson

Fact #6

“Sleeping with a problem, can actually solve it.”

Fact #7

“A parent may kill its children if the task assigned to them is no longer needed.”

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