How to get free images for your website

When working on small projects and websites that don’t require a web designer, people are struggling to find relevant images for their website which leads us to the following question: Where do web developers get the images for the websites they are developing?

If you are getting tired of seeing articles talking about “the best places to find stock photos that look good” and listing Unsplash and Life of Pix and instead you wish for a place that aggregated all the best stock photo websites into one easy, searchable website, then check out Stock Up.

Stock Up provides quality free stock photos, it’s very easy to search and has an impressive database that continues to grow every day by adding copyright free photos from Unsplash, Life of Pix, New Old Stock, Startup Stock, Jay Mantri, Skitter Photo, Splitshire, MMT and PD Archive.

If you are searching for royalty free textures or backgrounds, you can also see FreeMediaGoo.

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