The least useful comments ever

Code comments provide benefit to other developers who interact with your code helping them learn from your work, just as you have learned from the code of those who came before you. This is why comments like the ones mentioned below should never be used although it’s funny in a way.


// remember to comment code

// Undocumented

// An error occurred!

// this is a comment – don’t delete

// This causes a crash for some reason. I know the real reason but it doesn’t fit on this line.

// TODO: this is basically a copy of the code at line 743!

// Added because someone asked me to add it

// do nothing

// TODO: Remove this comment.

// @TODO: Rewrite this, it sucks. Seriously.

//* Hmmm. A bit tricky. *

// Don’t know why we have to do this

// Increase i by one

See also Best comments in source code

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