How to name your blog

Choosing the name of the blog is one of the first steps when starting a new blog.

The name you choose must be in the same time unique, descriptive and concise, recallable and easy to spell in order to target its audience.

Choosing a name for a blog is a decision that can happen in a moment of inspiration, or one that can come through long sessions of strategic deliberation and brainstorming. If none of those don’t really work, you can always use a Blog Name Generator to kick-start your inspiration.

Here are a few advices to consider:

1. Keep it short and simple

Pick a name that won’t require explaining and it doesn’t take forever to say. Think how you will say your blog name, spell your blog name or the URL, write it down on business cards.

2. Avoid Cliches

Avoid the trap of using certain words that are considered generic like: “Blog,” “Idea” or “Thoughts”. They are overused, vague, undescriptive and they have no SEO benefits whatsoever.

3. Choose a precise niche

The topic of your website should influence your blog name. If you focus on one main topic it will be more organized and visitors will be able to find it more easily through the search engines.

4. Make it equal to the domain name

Finding a suitable domain that has not yet been registered may prove difficult. But think of it this way: When people visit your blog through a link, they will read / remember the name of the blog. If they decide to re pay a visit a few days later they will type the name they remember, followed by .com. If  your blog isn’t there when they first hit Enter, they will just leave somewhere else.

5. Use .com

If your blog is in English and it targets the international audience, use .com. If you are going to be telling people your website address there are benefits to using the default domain extension .com simply for easy recall.

You can also check this extended free guide on how to choose the right domain name.

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