Interview Questions to Ask Software Developers

Interviewing for a software developer is a challenge. The interviewer should asses the skills of the developer and in the same time asses his personality. Here are a few questions that might prove helpful in doing so.

Are you working on a project in your spare time?

Great developers are passionate about what they do. Their professional work is what they get paid for, whether they enjoy it or not. Great developers always have their own projects. Side projects demonstrate enthusiasm and the desire to learn.

How do you handle documentation?

Documentation is the technical guide to any project. A good developer will create thorough documentation for a project, and this proves a quality-focused approach to their work.

Do you have an example of a project that completely failed?

Since all the achievements are listed on the CV, you can get a better view of a person from what they leave out of the CV.

Describe your programming habits

Some people simply have bad habits. Hopefully, the developer will recognize them and show how he is trying to change them.

Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

If cooperation is required between your developers, it is better to hire someone who has had this experience.

Describe the last project you worked and your responsibility

If the developer can not give a clear view on his or her role in the project and the technologies used, it may be a sign that he is either trying to overstate his expertise or they simply did not care for what they worked on.

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