Web Design and Development Companies vs Freelancers

A Web Design and Development Company is a business specialized in web design and web development. It builds a reputation over the years and that has to be maintained. Therefore, they will always make sure that the task you employed them for is going to be completed in a timely and professional way. Sometimes, they may outsource parts of the project, but still they will manage the project with the intention to protect their image.

A Web Design and Development Company is a team of highly qualified software engineers and designers, each of them specialized in a different areas of the project. Companies usually offer a complete package layout from analysis & design to launching and updates. A full-service company may also have team members specialized in SEO and SEO copywriting as well as social media and branding experts. Also, when you consider hiring a company to do the work it means that there will be more than two minds working, which further means that one person will be able to see a defect or a flaw that the other one missed or overlooked.

Freelancer is another word for part-timer. Freelancers are people that offer the service on a project basis. Freelancers are either part-time workers that already have a full-time job or fresh college students, trying to gain experience and build a profile. Most of the freelancers are not specialized in specific components or technologies. They usually have a broad knowledge in several areas, therefore the whole process could take longer and the results may not always be as expected.

Also, freelancers may lack some resources compared to companies that own a wide range of software and personalized staff. Also, if needed, a freelancer may not have the resources to hire additional programmers or designers for an ongoing project.

Myths and Truths

Myth: Spending big bucks will get you a great website.
Truth: There are so many factors that make a website great and money won’t buy all of them

Myth: Working with a web design company will get you a great web site.
Truth: Not all the websites featured on Web Pages That Suck were designed by freelancers

Myth: Freelancing is for everybody.
Truth: Freelancing is really hard work. It requires self-discipline, dedication and commitment.

Myth: Freelancers are cheap.
Truth: All you have to do is compare. Although some may be over-priced, it’s about their portfolio as well.

Myth: Web design companies are over-priced.
Truth: Many of them have reasonable prices, it’a all about comparing.

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