Why invest in professional photography for your website

Whether you plan to build an ecommerce website or a presentation website, using professional photography is a must. Here are a few reasons to clarify this statement:

When a customer is interested in your product, he desires a quality item that’s worth the money. In an online store he won’t be able to pick an item and hold it, so a professional photo can help the customer get a feel for it without being able to touch it.

Having good photos of product or services shows that you take pride in your work and adds value to your offer.

Website visitors can sniff out generic photos in a second, and the generic impression of your company will suffer.

Last but not least:

Typing a word into Google Images and using the first appropriate photo you see is a quick way of getting images for your website but not if you want to avoid a lawsuit. Image repositories and professional photographers care more and more about protecting their property, and one picture on a website may very easy turn into a big bill.

If you are at the beginning and the funds are low, it’s a far better idea to buy images from microstock sites. Microstock sell cheap photography. You usually buy credit instead individual images, and use it this to pick whatever you need.

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