Written by: Jane D, on 2014-02-26

The Sailfish operating system is a Linux-based mobile operating system and it has been developed by a few former employees of Nokia, who worked on the MeeGo operating system that was being developed in partnership with computer chip giant Intel. Jolla, the Finnish smartphone and Sailfish OS developer, announced that Jolla’s mobile operating system Sailfish OS has […]

Written by: admin, on 2014-02-25

More processing power to work with Apple released its 5S iPhone with a A7 64-bit processor chip. Samsung and Qualcomm are expected to deliver a similar chip with comparable processing power during 2014, allowing mobile app developers to have a bit more power to increased performance in terms of graphics and memory for mobile apps. […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-02-25

Suppose someone spoofs a link text (anchor) and instead what is says, it directs to some site that could hurt your computer. Whenever you hover over a hyperlink, in the bottom left corner you can see where that link goes. Since the last Google Chrome update, that feature is missing. This “bug” is not new, […]

Written by: admin, on 2014-02-06

Apple decided that it no longer wanted to give Google all that valuable information about how iPhone customers were using Google Maps. Although, Apple’s decision looks like it was motivated by the desire to boot Google off iOS than a desire to make the world’s best mapping service. Making maps is not that easy, and […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-01-29

The importance of images and filenames is overlooked by many people when it comes to improving the SEO of their website. Here are some simple things that anyone can use in order to maximize the image traffic. 1. Use human readable (searchable) filenames Nobody is going to search for the img_665887.jpg but people might search […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-01-28

Since WordPress 3.7, there’s a new feature which allows your WordPress website to automatically perform minor core upgrades when new versions are available. Background updates are very safe and together with the ability of rolling out automatic updates over a longer period proved to be an excellent option. If you’re running WordPress 3.7, your minor […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-01-16

- The first computer game was created in 1961. MIT students Martin Graetz, Steve Russell, and Wayne Wiitanen created the first shooter game Spacewar! on a DEC PDP-1 mini-computer which also used a vector display system. – The first computer virus was created in 1983. Fred Cohen, graduate student at the University of Southern California […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-01-15

Before going any further, we don’t encourage using free WordPress themes. Some of these free themes may be nice looking and professionally done, but some may also have hidden links and advertisements that are not under your control and may even contain malicious scripts! When building a WordPress website, design and functionality are at the […]

Written by: admin, on 2013-11-25

Understanding what users think about an app can make that app great. Here’s a list of questions that you might want to try ask your app users. Remember, before turning to the user, data analytics can provide an answer to some questions: What are areas of your application are the most popular? What are the areas which […]

Written by: admin, on 2013-11-20

1) Chris Loosley & Frank Douglas: “High-Performance Client/Server” 2) Cal Henderson: “Building Scalable Websites” 3) Theo Schlossnagle: “Scalable Internet Architectures” 4) Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev, Vadim Tkachenko: “High Performance MySQL” 5) Martin L. Abbott & Michael T. Fisher: “The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise”   Also check […]

Written by: admin, on 2013-10-28

This brand new infographic highlights the different types of M2M data that can be collected from a mobile workforce perspective. Businesses measuring this data can improve employee safety, productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Machine to machine (M2M) refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-10-23

Choose the right hosting, use a fast server. Use a content delivery network for serving static files from the closest possible place. Use a caching plugin to store the static content so that it doesn’t load every time an user visits your blog. Use small pictures (scaled images) and upload them as small files instead […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-09-24

Typography is the art of arranging space between letters, space between words, space between the lines and the length of a line in order to enhance the visibility of the language and make it more readable. Good typography makes your website cross compatible and legible to read and consists of these factors: responsiveness, spacing, contrast […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-09-11

Search engine optimization also known as SEO, comprises the techniques a website utilizes in order to increase page ranking visibility also known as SERP. Like websites, apps operate in a similar capacity through app store optimization – ASO. You should investigate what makes the visitor click the download button when seeing an app’s profile. Successful developers […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-09-11

Ideally, both of them are important. Main thing to keep in mind is the way the App Store search works. Obviously it shows search results that feature the top and trending apps – so a new app with a common verb or noun as a name will be buried at the bottom of search results. Experts […]