Written by: Dan C, on 2013-04-10

The internet is the biggest and most dynamic marketing and advertising instrument and with proper Search engine optimization and marketing, even the growth of small businesses and start-ups can be accelerated. Here are some efficient Search engine optimization guidelines for small business: Content – Content material has to be catchy and convincing because it is the content that will […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2013-03-10

The first smartphones were brought into the market in the late 90′s, offering features such as e-mail, text-based web-browsing, keyboards and in-built cameras. Since then, the smartphone world expanded at a very rapid pace. American consumer’s smartphone shopping activities include browsing products, price comparison, and reading product reviews. The following facts summarize the highlights of […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-03-05

Not having a mobile version If you are turning away fifty percent of your customers at a brick and mortar store, people would say you are either crazy or not prepared to be in business at all. The why would you do the same with a website? Mobile traffic accounts for five in every ten […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-02-28

Many webmasters use copywriting freelancers or other sources to generate “unique content” for their websites. Everybody knows content is king. A website rich in quality content is most likely going to rank higher than a website that is poor on content. But how can you be sure that the content you are using is 100% “clean”? CopyScape […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-02-27

Chuck Norris’ programs never exit, they terminate! Chuck Norris protocol design method has no status, requests or responses, only commands. Chuck Norris does not sort. He creates order! All browsers support the hex definitions #chuck and #norris for the colors black and blue. Chuck Norris can delete the Recycling Bin. Chuck Norris can write infinite […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-02-21

Posterous was started in 2008 and currently hosts about 4 million users. Bought last year in March by Twitter, Posterous will no longer be available either to view or to edit by the 30th of April this year. For those of you who chose the blogging service over Tumblr, you can backup your content and move it to another […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2013-02-20

A Web Design and Development Company is a business specialized in web design and web development. It builds a reputation over the years and that has to be maintained. Therefore, they will always make sure that the task you employed them for is going to be completed in a timely and professional way. Sometimes, they […]

Written by: admin, on 2013-02-19

There are certain aspects & techniques that a web developer and web designer has to follow in order to have a clean & professional looking mobile version of a website. Mobile development can be difficult, but inspiration is also a huge factor. LAYOUT Logo The logo is one of the main elements in the layout. […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2013-02-12

When Chuck Norris throws exceptions, it’s across the room. When Chuck Norris point to NULL, Null scares. When Chuck Norris declares arrays, they are all of infinite size, because Chuck Norris knows no bounds. Chuck Norris doesn’t have disk latency because the hard drive knows to hurry the hell up. Chuck Norris does not need to know about […]

Written by: admin, on 2013-02-12

Usability In terms of users, WordPress is superior because it doesn’t really require any web development knowledge but the features offered by Joomla are more extensive than the ones WordPress has to offer. Adaptability Joomla is an advanced CMS system whereas WordPress is yet another blogging platform. SEO Joomla needs you to make some customizations in order to […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-02-08

Inspiring programmer’s quotes “ Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet. ” “ It’s hard enough to find an error in your code when you’re looking for it; it’s harder when you assume your code is error-free. ” “ Walking on water as well as developing software from specifications are easy, if both are frozen. ” “ Debugging is twice […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-11-26

Step II in Responsive Web Design is the use of Media queries. Media queries are supported in Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 7+, Chrome 5+, as well as most smartphones and touch-screen devices. Media queries allow the web designers to create conditional stylesheets based on width, height, color, orientation, and many more. Media queries allow pages […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-11-15

SaaS (Software as a service) is a software delivery model in which software with it’s associated functions and data are hosted in the cloud. SaaS is available to customers over a network, typically the Internet, via a web browser SaaS is a common delivery model for a huge number businesses, including: enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM) accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), content management (CM) […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-11-15

Is it really necessary to test a web application?  No matter how big or small your web app is, it’s important to at least examine your app, because special cases may get your app to malfunction. First of all you should use Unit testing to test every method in your application. Make sure that every method is […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-11-09

1 ) Fatal bugs  This usually happens when new features are introduced causing impact on another part of the app. 2 ) Poor front-end optimization Using resources effectively is the key. Although image compression and similar strategies do help, developers have to be careful of the relationship between what’s happening on-screen and what the devices are capable of handling. […]