is a classified-ad, aviation marketplace for the used aircraft industry, part of Flying Online Network. Like the other websites in the same network it offers a variety of functionalists for the individual seller, brokers and of course buyers.

These websites are build starting from a 3rd party classifieds platform called phpClassifieds using a MySQL database.
The websites are different in design and the main focus; for example UsedAircraft is bringing up-front the popular manufacturers and categories, the quick search and the most recently listed aircraft.

On any of the Flying websites a buyer can search for used and new airplanes and refine their search using the advanced search engine. When a buyer is interested in a specific aircraft he can contact the seller through a form we have provided. This way our platform tracks the number of people who have contacted the sellers in order to provide them meaningful statistical information.
Individual sellers and brokers are able to manage their inventory from a single place – on – and their listings are posted to all 4 websites of the network. Brokers also have the ability to setup a broker page with a specific link – this page is mobile-ready.

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