Using Social Media for App Marketing

It’s an acknowledged fact that social media has its important role in mobile app marketing. Another acknowledged fact is that social media will help a mobile web developer reach a wider and sharply targeted audience, who is more likely to be interested in what he has to offer. Used properly, social media will bring in more potential customers, given the fact that a satisfied client will recommend it on their social networks.

Here are a few tips on how to properly use the social media channels:


Facebook is by far the most popular social network in the world today. This media channel offers a platform to interact with a variety of users from all over the globe. So you need strong presence for yourself on Facebook. A nicely designed page will make you available to your audience and help you keep in constant touch with them. Keeping in touch doesn’t only mean posting about your work. Try and interact with your users, make them comment, make them interact witch each other. Sharing interesting stuff will spread the word.


Twitter is a social media channel that gets you together with your clients and potential clients. You can tweet about your latest activities, about related subjects and so on. Twitter is also employed by your customers as a feedback channel where they can contact you in case they have issues with your app. So you should try and answer them immediately. If they are satisfied with your service, they will tweet it to their followers. You can also follow your competition on Twitter. If you are mentioned in any way, be sure to take action immediately, according to the case.

Add a unique touch

Your app is one of the hundreds of thousands of apps out there. There is a slight chance that your niche is already saturated with the same type of apps. So try and present your work in a different way. Make a viral video, hire a public figure or tie it to something loved and enjoyed. Make sure that your potential customers see your app is special and it would somehow serve them better than all the other similar apps.

Add a video of the app

Create an interesting videos of your app. Give the customers a basic idea of your app by presenting the way your app functions, basic app UI, app navigation and so on. Make sure that the video is of good quality and also include detailed how-to’s in your video. Try and include some upbeat background music or interesting narrative.

Offer incentives

Offering incentives to promote an app is a smart method of app marketing. This will encourage them to spread the news. A small reward is sometimes more than enough to get them talking about your app on their media channels.

User participation

Rally some beta testers. Working with beta testers is a good example of how marketing helps development and vice versa. Ask them to review and rate your app online. If you can manage to make a positive impression with your app, they will to share their user experience on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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