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Posted by NeoAdmin | August 23, 2012
Using Social Media for App Marketing

It's an acknowledged fact that social media has its important role in mobile app marketing. Another acknowledged fact is that social media will help a mobile web developer reach a wider and sharply...

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Posted by NeoAdmin | August 16, 2012
How to avoid mobile malware

With the growth of mobile devices and mobile use, the number of malicious mobile apps is rising day by day. They won't cause damage like a PC virus, nevertheless you...

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Posted by NeoAdmin | August 13, 2012
Essential elements for your top-selling mobile app

The app marketplace today consists of hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. But still, only a few rise above the others. What makes them special? A few key elements. Here...

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Posted by NeoAdmin | August 6, 2012
8 steps to get your App approved by the Apple App Store

Everybody knows there’s no better place for a potential customer to find your app than the Apple App Store. But to get there, you have to follow a few steps. Simple,...

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