Essential elements for your top-selling mobile app

The app marketplace today consists of hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. But still, only a few rise above the others.

What makes them special? A few key elements. Here they are:

1. Deliver high performance

First of all, the app has to be a well-tested app, taking into consideration all aspects of performance under extreme conditions. A top-selling app will work perfectly and will ideally consume the minimum possible CPU and battery power. If the app constantly crashes , it will never get popular with users.

2. Compatibility with the chosen mobile platform

The app should be completely compatible with the mobile platform developed for. Every mobile platform has it’s own particular features, guidelines and work environment. Keep these aspects in mind when you develop the app, and it will offer the best possible UI experience to end-users.

3. Short loading time

Apps that take forever to load will be avoided by users. If it’s under 5 seconds of loading time, it’s ok. Anything above that, will make the user impatient. If the app is more complex and need some amount of data at the start-up you can take the user to a “loading screen” which tells him the loading process is on.

4. No freezing point

Apps that freeze are not considered cool by users. The general UI thread should always be open and active for the app has to become successful. If the app hangs up or crashes on a regular scale, it doesn’t stand a single chance in the app market. If your app needs a little more time to run, try to run a secondary thread. Many mobile OS’ offer thread separation. See if your desired platform offers this benefit before developing your app.

5. High utility value

A mobile app has to usable and unique, in order to help the user with a task and making life simpler in a way. Build a top-selling mobile app to set itself apart from similar ones by offering something extra which encourages the user to use it repeatedly.

6. Provide an ad-free experience

This is not a must-do, but it helps. A free app filled with ad banners will help the developer make some extra money but is not going to be favoured by users. Instead, you can try creating a paid app and make it ad-free, so that users are not interrupted while they use the app.

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