How will the new iPhone 5 affect developers

The new iPhone is a little bit different, as it also implies the use of the latest iOS 6. Besides that, the screen of the new iPhone 5 is a little bit taller than earlier models. Developers need to take this point into consideration as well. But what is the implication of the new OS and the taller screen size for iOS app developers?

Screen Resolution

Some developers will find it a bit complicated to develop apps for a taller display. Some apps, especially the landscape-oriented, will have to be adjusted almost from scratch, in order to fit the new screen.

Some may use tricks like adding a search bar on top or adding an extra set of buttons in the navigation bar. The downside on this tricks is the fragmentation of previous UI elements.

Time to prepare

iOS app developers would have needed a little more time to prepare for change in the device design with app users having the tendency to get upset if there is no update in time. App developers had very little information about the new iPhone and it’s characteristics. For example, many of the game developers will have to change a whole lot of elements of their game apps, including entire layouts, in order to make it compatible with the larger screen.

More information

Some app developers see the taller screen as an opportunity to list more information. In some cases, this feature helps them serve up more content without changing the size of the font or the quality of the resolution. The user will be happy with this, as he would get to see more information without having to scroll down.

Another tip for developers in order to better monetize their app is to add an advertisement at the bottom of the screen. Simple and clean, this way they don’t have to modify any elements of the app and make an extra income in the same time. The biggest disadvantage in this practice is that the ad could very well end up ruining the look of the original app.

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