Responsive Web Design – Part III

Step II in Responsive Web Design is the use of Media queries. Media queries are supported in Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 7+, Chrome 5+, as well as most smartphones and touch-screen devices.

Media queries allow the web designers to create conditional stylesheets based on width, height, color, orientation, and many more. Media queries allow pages to use different CSS style rules based on the device displaying the website and they expand the role of the media attribute.

Setting conditions in media queries:

Feature Value Min/Max    Description
width Length Yes Display width
height Length Yes Display height
device-width Length Yes Device width
device-height Length Yes Device height
orientation portrait or landscape   No Device orientation
aspect-ratio Ratio (w/h) Yes Ratio of width to height
device-aspect-ratio  Ratio (w/h) Yes Ratio of device-width to device-height
color Integer Yes Number of bits per color component
color-index Integer Yes Number of entries in the output device’s color lookup table
monochrome Integer Yes Number of bits per pixel in the monochrome frame buffer
resolution Resolution Yes Density of pixels of output device, (integer followed by dpi or dpcm)


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