Written by: Jane D, on 2012-11-08

We talked about the best time to launch an app and how to name your app, now it’s probably best to know how to ruin an app launch. For an app to fail, there are hundreds of reasons, but a few of them tend to repeat. 1) Hurry up the release An app, like any other product, […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-11-07

Before you choose to build an app, you first have to know precisely what the app will do and what it will be called. Here are a few steps to help you name the app. 1. Be authentic Make sure your app name doesn’t sound too close to an already popular app. Also, do your homework and […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-11-06

Trying to install the Flash Debug Player shows the following error: The installation encountered errors: Your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser includes the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player built-in. Windows Update will inform you when new versions of the Flash Player are available.  Is there any way to install the debugger version of the Flash […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-10-30

This study was conducted by mobile analytics firm Flurry, and it’s based on more than 6 billion app sessions on 500 million smartphones and tablets in September. For age and gender comparisons, Flurry used a panel of 30 million users who agreed to share demographic data. In the time spent per app category, the study reveals […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-10-30

Many would say release as soon as it is ready! Unless, of course, it’s a seasonal app, like Christmas, Easter, and so on. Another idea is to release your app during a big hardware launch (new iPhone, iPad, etc). This also has its ups and downs and might not always prove to be the best idea. – […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-10-29

In mathematics and computer science, a directed acyclic graph, is a directed graph with no directed cycles. DAG doesn’t really have to do with programming. It’s more about problem solving. – DAG comes in handy when detecting deadlocks as they show the dependencies amongst a set of resources and processes. Deadlocks happen when a cycle is detected. – Some programming languages describe systems of values […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-10-19

Why do you need an analysis for a software project? Try and imagine you building a house. Considering you are going to use it, it will need certain features. Also, you may want to know what it will look like when it’s finished. Both aspects need to be clear before you start building it. Also, the […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-10-18

According to a new research by Strategy Analytics, the one billion smartphones milestone was finally reached this year. One billion smartphones means one in seven people on the globe have a mobile device that can access the Internet, although the true figure may be lower due to some people that own two or more smartphones. “Most […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-10-17

1. Prioritize content and keep it simple Keeping your site simple means: eliminating most images. simplifying navigation, layout, and design elements eliminate Flash and other proprietary software keep your site free of clutter break up text and other content. Mobile site visitors are on the move and with space being a valuable resource on a mobile site, […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-10-11

What is a Cloud App? Cloud applications (cloud apps) are programs that function in the cloud. Their characteristics come from both desktop apps and Web apps. While the desktop app is installed directly onto the device at the user’s location, the Web app is stored entirely on a remote server and it doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed on the device. Cloud apps […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-10-10

Wikipedia’s definition says that Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).[...] Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation. In your day-to-day life, cloud computing takes the shape of Google Docs, online file share services, mobile sync services and email. Cloud computing comes […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-10-09

It seems Apple’s latest release of its mobile operating system iOS 6 is being adopted very quickly by users of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. The iOS app developers couldn’t be happier, considering they will soon have the chance to support less versions of the mobile OS, and focus on the latest software instead. The new […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2012-10-08

According to Wikipedia - 4G is the fourth generation of cell phone mobile communications standards. It is a successor of the third generation (3G) standards. A 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, for example to laptops with USB wireless modems, to smartphones, and to other mobile devices[...] Recently, Android and Windows-enabled cellular devices have fallen in the 4G category. One base advantage of 4G is that […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-10-04

We talked about what Responsive Web Design is, now let’s see how to approach it. Step 1: Fluid grids. One key idea behind the scenes of responsive design is using the fluid grid. The old design layouts were mostly based on rigid pixels. Fluid grid is about using proportions. So, when either the layout is minimized on […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2012-09-27

What exactly is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is an approach to web design in which the designer provides an optimal viewing experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling – across a wide range of devices (from PC monitor to mobile phone). Why use Responsive Web Design? “Day […]