Written by: Dan C, on 2013-08-07

Color psychology is a good way to catch the eye of viewers, but too much color will be distract your users. If you can, stick to 2 to 4 colors only. Colors exist everywhere, and while perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, there are some color effects that have universal meaning. Red Represents: Ambition, vitality, passion, strength, […]

Written by: admin, on 2013-07-19

The WordPress editor does not have a table creator itself. But people often want to create a table in WordPress in order to sort and display images or text. One option is to install a WordPress Table Plugin like Easy Table or Websimon Tables or a gallery plugin for dealing with pictures. It’s easy to get […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-07-18

Memes are often used in brand marketing and link building. The great thing about using memes is that it’s very easy to create and have great potential of getting viral, particularly if you have a unique funny message that can easily reach your target audience. If the meme technique does provide a traffic boost, you may also use […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-07-09

WordPress got its start as a blogging platform in May 2003 and gradually evolved into a robust, full-featured, popular CMS. WordPress is very simple, but due to its simplicity, it is open to endless possibilities. With just a few tweaks it can be used to run a website, with or without a blog. Here are some strong reasons […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-06-25

Developing a website involves taking a lot of decisions. Choosing a domain name, setting your hosting, setting a clear purpose for the website and choosing the right audience are only a few of them. Planning all the decisions will clearly simplify things a bit. Here’s how Pixaal thought the process should look.

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-06-25

Using responsive designing only to solve the problem of different screen layouts may lead the way to low quality user experience. Here’s top three mistakes that may emerge: 1) Removing parts of content for the smaller screens. The idea of offering less content to smartphone users has its pros and cons. By providing a low-quality […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2013-05-21

Interviewing for a software developer is a challenge. The interviewer should asses the skills of the developer and in the same time asses his personality. Here are a few questions that might prove helpful in doing so. Are you working on a project in your spare time? Great developers are passionate about what they do. […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-05-16

- CAPS LOCK – Preventing Login Since 1980 – Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF… – Artificial intelligence beats real stupidity. – Beware of programmers that carry screwdrivers. – What do you call 8 hobbits? A hobbyte. – Why do Java developers wear glasses? Because they can’t C#. – A programmer had a problem, he […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2013-05-14

Color psychology is the study of color as a determinant of human behavior. Color combinations may have a noticeable or subliminal impact on the perceptions that others have of your marketing materials, and that include your website design. When a visitor lands on your website, they will make a very quick judgement whether it is worth staying […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-05-08

This survey presents some major mobile app platform developer’s concerns and provides a meta-picture of what the mobile app development ecosystem consists of nowadays. Total number of participants – 3237. Total number of companies whose top management personnel who took part in this survey – 85. Total number of companies whose middle management personnel who took part in this survey – 82. Total number […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-04-25

Goods purchased via smarphones 29% of US smartphone owners have booked hotel stays on their devices 24% of US smartphone owners have purchased airline tickets on their devices 34% of US smartphone owners have purchased gift certificates on their devices 35% of US smartphone owners have purchased tickets for movies, games, concerts, or other entertainment […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-04-18

This question may be older than the blog concept. There are a lot of old and deprecated answers but also new opportunities emerging. If you think “selling” your blog or your writing talent is in any way evil, immoral, unethical, uncool, lame or greedy, then don’t sell it. What follows is only a quick summary of income […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-04-18

Low amount of content The whole point of creating a mobile website is to give mobile visitors an easy way to access the website’s content. The only difference between the full website and the mobile website should be the simplified and easier to navigate layout of the mobile website. Basically you have to show the […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2013-04-15

Ever-increasing globalization has led to many software companies, big or small, opting to outsource their IT requirements. Offshore software development outsourcing has become part of their business strategy. Outsourcing will reduce the internal costs while allowing the company to focus on its core competencies. What else drives more and more companies to moving towards outsourcing their software development? Cost: The reduction […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2013-04-10

The choice of eCommerce platforms nowadays can be overwhelming. The following list describes some key eCommerce platform features that should be taken into consideration when choosing to use a certain platform or build your own eCommerce platform. Multiple language display Unless your eShop targets a specific product or a small geographical area, it should be able […]