Written by: Dan C, on 2015-01-13

Not long ago, developers were designing apps and websites for desktop, treating mobile development as an afterthought. Nowadays, many organizations are designing for mobile first and later on making design adjustments for other delivery platforms. This is the core of the mobile first paradigm. Why choose the Mobile First Approach and what is the benefit? […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-11-24

Embedding non-constructive or funny comments together with code poetry and little jokes into projects is something programmers do to either mark their work or leave hints for future developers working their code. Some of the best comments found in source code: // I’m sorry – // drunk, fix later // I am not responsible of […]

Written by: Jane D, on 2014-11-16

That first impression on someone is sometimes all you have. There are several tips you can follow when you decide how to name your app. One of the most decisive factors is the app name itself. The app name has to be catchy and relevant to rise above the other apps in your niche. Also, the app […]

Written by: admin, on 2014-11-15

Code comments provide benefit to other developers who interact with your code helping them learn from your work, just as you have learned from the code of those who came before you. This is why comments like the ones mentioned below should never be used although it’s funny in a way. //??? // remember to […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-11-06

When working on small projects and websites that don’t require a web designer, people are struggling to find relevant images for their website which leads us to the following question: Where do web developers get the images for the websites they are developing? If you are getting tired of seeing articles talking about “the best […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-11-05

When the Google bot is crawling a website it’s also looking for external links pointing to other websites. If these links are set to “dofollow” then the link juice gets passed and contributes to a good page rank and a rise in SERP. The “nofollow” attribute is a way for webmasters to tell search engines […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-11-03

Forecast: number of mobile app downloads by 2017. In 2014 worldwide mobile app downloads will amount to approximately 179,628 million and are expected to reach 268,692 million by 2017. Most popular Apple App Store categories in June 2014. Statistics show the most popular categories in Apple’s App Store ranked by share of available apps. In […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-31

According to Sucury, if your website is using the WP eCommerce WordPress plugin, a very popular plugin judging by the 2.900.000 downloads, you should update it right away because it holds a dangerous vulnerability that could be used to easily get access and modify private information in the website. The vulnerability allows an attacker to […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-31

An interesting experiment was conducted on how certain colors would influence the click rate of a button. Green, yellow and red were used and obviously the red button won. But the real reason why the red color won was not the color itself but the color palette of the website. In other words, the reason […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-29

Pumpkins can be more than scary faces and flying witches. These funny pumpkin carvings prove it.    

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-28

If you only know one language, you will never be a great programmer. Once you’re very good at C# or Java or other language you started with, then that’s all you’ll ever need. Every language you learn teaches something new about programming and anyone who restrict himself to one language will never be as good […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-17

By default, WordPress tag cloud widget will display a big list of tags you are using on your blog, up to 45 last time we checked. Besides the fact it can affect your PageRank flow, if you use a lot of tags, that widget is going to look like a complete mess. Considering there is no […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-17

When you need to put your website into maintenance mode for upgrades or when things go wrong and your website is filled with errors you may not want your visitors to visit the website. Until upgrades are done or bugs are fixed, it is better to put it under maintenance mode while having your admin rights intact. […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-10-14

In terms of SEO reasons, it doesn’t matter if you use or But people link to both www and non-www versions of the domain so in order to avoid duplicate content generated by search engines (two versions of the same page are seen as coming from two different sites), you can “force” your […]

Written by: Dan C, on 2014-09-29

When users attempt to access a broken or dead link or a link that sends them to page that has been moved or deleted, WordPress redirects the request to a page called 404.php. This is not only frustrating for the user who is very likely to turn back and leave but it also gives a […]